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Off The Map Tattoo, Grants Pass, Oregon

I'm happy to announce that I have permanently joined the team in Grants Pass, OR. I'm looking forward to meeting and tattooing new clients as I continue to grow within Off the Map Tattoo. I will continue to do frequent guest spots to Easthampton, MA.

Thoughts on my first painting workshop

I was fortunate to be able to do my first painting workshop at Off the Map Tattoo in Grants Pass OR. In preperation for the workshop I painted just about every day, even if it was just for a few hours. It really helped me focus and understand why im doing the things I do. Its easy to zone out and just paint when you are by your self, however when you attempt to explain what your brain is telling your hands and arms to do, it becomes a bit more difficult. Overall I believe things went well! I wanted to create an evironment of positivity and encouragment. I will often have "paint night" at my house a few times per week. this is a time where friends from the shop can come and paint, laugh, talk shit, and unwind from all the stresses of the day. I often find that I am artistically rejuvinated during these long nights of art and laughter. I wanted to create ths in a workshop format, where people from all over can come toghether encourage one another, learn, and get a bit more direction and instruction, and leave with a fire to create and paint more. Im so grateful for the opportunity to develop this further. There will be many more workshops to come. 


Thoughts on my first year at Off The Map Tattoo

Today marks my first year at Off The Map Tattoo! Its hard to believe the changes that have taken place in my life over such a short period of time. I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the people in my life, I'm truly lucky to have the life I have. I can strongly remember how nervous I was to move, I was unsure if I would be able to measure up, if I would be able to book regular clients, If my tattoos and paintings were even good enough to be at such an amazing shop. I chose to ignore the fear, and continue to put myself out there, I feel like I have repeated that process every day for this last year. I'm grateful for the ability to work as hard as I do, I am so grateful for everyone that I work with, they were all so welcoming and really pushed me to be better. I so fortunate to have met so many amazing people over this last year that have inspired me in ways that I could not have imagined. This pas year has completely changed me and my outlook on just about everything. For the first time in my life everything I have learned, every failure, every success, every life experience have merged into one path, and I truly love my direction. I will continue to push myself daily, with the help, love, support of those around me, along with hard work, I am excited to see what this year will bring. Thank you to all the people in my life who support my work, you fuel the fire that allows me to create. 


Reflections on the Paradise Tattoo Gathering

It was about three years ago in Colorado when I attended my first Paradise Tattoo Gathering. I had not started tattooing at the time, I began shortly after. The event in Colorado changed my life and my perspective on tattooing, I can still feel the energy from that event. Its a bit surreal to think that my life and career have changed so dramatically since that event. I'm still in a bit of disbelief that I was able to tattoo and sell art at this Paradise Tattoo Gathering just three years later. This years event was amazing, I had the honor to meet and learn from so many wonderful people. This year encouraged me to not only continue to grow as a person and artist, but to begin to give back. I am currently working on developing a painting workshop, eventually I would love to merge it with tattooing and my philosophy on how we transform ourselves through painting and tattooing. I continue to feel this burning desire to create, and through this creativity help people become who they truly want to be. I feel like I have begun a powerful ripple effect that will promote positive change. I am excited to work on this project. 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Off The Map Tattoo for welcoming me in as family, and allowing me to persue my passion in painting and tattooing. I am so excited to see what this next year brings. I am eternally grateful to my friends and co workers, Gabe, Steve, Joe, Kaden, Kelly, Rachael, Ben, Eric, Jennifer, Gio, Matt, Mark, Josh, Gao, Ryan, Tim, Oleg, Max, Kelsey, Aaron, Tim SJ, Billy, Jeff, Laura, Haley, Sydney, Josh B. Thank you, I am so grateful for all of you. 



I would like to use this section of my website to discuss my thoughts on various tattoo and life related items. If you have any questions or topics you would like to know about please e mail me and I will discuss them here. I look forward to hearing from you!